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Roding Healthcare Limited - Delivering quality and affordable healthcare services Roding Healthcare Limited - Delivering quality and affordable healthcare services Roding Healthcare Limited - Delivering quality and affordable healthcare services Roding Healthcare Limited - Delivering quality and affordable healthcare services
Why Choose Us

Flagship Hospital

Our Flagship Hospital (The Roding Medical Centre) with state of the art equipments situated in strategic locations in Lagos would be available to render first class services to our clients. They would also back up the other providers. Clients are advised to choose our flagship hospital as much as possible.

Highly Effective And Experienced Personnel

Reputable and Highly Experienced Personnel with high level of Professionalism.

Focus On Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

We ensure satisfaction and loyalty of our customers through delightful healthcare experience, affordable healthcare packages, promptness and instant fulfilment.

In ROHL, Customers are King. Our customers are not only our clients who procure the health plans but the provider of the services; the relations of our clients; the employer of our clients;and every other person or organization involved in ensuring our clients get quality services.

Fee For Service

ROHL offers Fee for Service  healthcare packages to our clients, these allows the clients to have access to the best of medical care that meets international standards.

Claims To Bills

ROHL pays claims received from provider hospitals within 14 working days of submission. This encourages the providers to pay special and great attention to RHL enrollees.

Strict Privacy Policy (Non Use Of Enrollee List)

Spending hours in the hospital to see a doctor due to  the challenges of enrolee list have caused a lot of issues in the Healthcare industry. ROHL  strictly utilizes the Identity card; thus our clients can easily and quickly access healthcare services.

24 Hour Emergency Helpline/Toll Free Lines

Uninterrupted service delivery and communication network: we offer round the clock accessibility through our toll free lines and 24 hour Emergency help services.

Prompt Emergency Medical Rescue Services

We offer prompt emergency medical services to our customers supervised by highly experienced medical professionals. This include highly effective ambulance and allied medical services.

Appropriate Subscription/Deposit Fee

Appropriate and Affordable Subscription/Deposit to ensure maximum participation by individuals and corporate bodies.

Broad Network Of Quality Assured Healthcare Provider

Broad Network of Hospitals: Quality network of providers that  are patient/ client-centric. ROHL  is also ready to incorporate into our hospital network, credible hospitals that clients are comfortable with that are not on our list.

Health Forums

Preventive health awareness programmes would be conducted to enlighten staff on the risk of future illnesses allowing early intervention and treatment to promote productivity in the work place.

Appropriate Technology

Appropriate technology with the use of world class facilities that complies with the latest quality healthcare package  standards along with the use of  customer relationship enhancing technologies for excellent service quality.

Feedback/Monitory Mechanism

Our client/ provider satisfaction would maximize through our quality improved feedback monitoring mechanism via use of questionnaires, users’ forum, focus-groups, and interviews etc.

Free Annual Medical Evaluation In Strategic Locations

We offer free Annual medical checks to our enrollees in strategic locations.  These comprises of Blood pressure checks, Blood Sugar Checks, Urinalysis and  BMI.

Free First Aid-boxes And Training

We provide free First Aid boxes  and First Aid Training to strategic branches of our clients.

Online/Cell Phone Consultation And Advisory Services

Free online /cell phone health counselling and consultations inclusive of advisory services.


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Roding Healthcare Ltd,
4 Makoko Road, Adekunle Yaba,
Lagos, Nigeria.

P.O. Box 73271,Victoria Island,Lagos


+234 1 295 2577
+234 807 420 6599
+234 807 420 6515

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