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RODING HEALTHCARE Limted offers healthcare packages with appropriate subscription fees /deposit for health care delivery ranging from primary, secondary up to the tertiary health care level.

Our health care plans are specially tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals, families and corporate entities. Our services include:


Corporate Health Plans

Our Corporate Healthcare plans are: Basic, Classic, Unique, UniquePlus and Supreme Plans; all the plans are specially tailored to provide medical cover for individuals and families.


Our other services include: TPA (Thirty Party Administration), Customized Health Plan, International Healthcare Packages/Air Ambulance Services, Medical Tourism Cover/Telemedicine, Worksite Clinic Maintenance/Set Up, Primary Care, Occupational Health Practice, School Health Package, In Vitro Fertilization/ Other Advanced Fertility Services, Retirees/Geriatric Medical Scheme.

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We have everything tailored

toyour need

Friendly Pocket Payments

We have pushed aside annual premiums and launched monthly "pocket friendly" transfers, making us the FIRST and ONLY health insurer in Nigeria that provides you with this flexibility. You can maintain your pocket smiling while maintaining you and your family safe.

Stay Healthy, Get Cash

"What if my insurance is not used?”. No worries, either as cash or as a discount, we give you 20 percent of your contribution, your choice. No lengthy story, we're delighted to keep you safe.

Easy Sign Up, Instant Access

It takes less than 10 minutes to get Roding's medical insurance. It doesn't take lengthy complicated types, do it right from your mobile. Best of all, in clinics you can use it INSTANTLY.

More Loyalty, More Benefits

We reward you with more benefits for paying your health insurance diligently. We increase your benefits every quarter and we won't even raise the cost

24 Hour Doctor Access

Sometimes you have a small ailment and don't want to go for it all the way to the hospital. We let you communicate with a skilled physician from your mobile 24 hours a day and obtain a prescription if necessary. Direct advice from your house or office's convenience

Friendly Customer Care

Our commitment is to do everything and anything to ensure that you have a wonderful experience with your health insurance and health. We are ALWAYS accessible via mobile, WhatsApp, email or any medium, that's why we say "You can rely on us"

What we offer


Third Party Administration

This is a medical outsourcing service, which involves recruitment of providers (hospitals) processing and payment of hospital bills, quality assurance and control. There are no limits to medical care except set by organization. All services outside the benefit packages stated above shall be available on TPA basis.

International Healthcare Packages

or Air Ambulance Services

We offer international Healthcare packages including air ambulance services  through our partners.

Medical Tourism Cover

or Telemedicine

We have a medical tourism plan through collaboration with our partners for treatment for which facility are not available in Nigeria. Access to consultation from renowned and successful specialist in all field  of medicine through  telemedicine via our partners.

Worksite Clinic Maintenance

or Set Up

Work site clinics cover employee’s medical access gaps. We provide high quality care to employees within the client’s environment. We operate Worksite Clinic and Health centres manned by experienced doctors and nurses.



Consultation, Provision of essential drugs through the pharmacy, Treatment of general medical ailments, Laboratory investigations, X-ray, Minor surgery, Hospitalization for accidents, illness and surgery, Health counselling/education, Nutritional counselling and weight management, Pre-admission medical examination, Emergency services,Appropriate referrals whenever necessary to a provider hospital, Immunizations, Medical Screening, Workplace Injury treatment, Workman Compensation analysis, Maternity Support, Travel medication


Health Practice

Pre- employment medical examination, Routine medical examination, Maintaining up to date staff medical records, Food handlers test, Disease profile and utilization report

In Vitro Fertilization

Or Other Advanced Fertility Services

Facilitation of In vitro Fertilization and other advanced fertility services through Our Flagship hospital with a Fertility Centre with Remarkable success.


Or Geriatric Medical Scheme

Cover is for retiree and spouse and has a renewable span of one year and terminates at death of principal or if subscription fee is not paid. Benefit package is determined by the type of plan selected and may cover general, specialist medical consultation and treatment with a co-payment of bill for chronic ailments within the scheme. These include but not limited to: Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Sickle cell anemia, Arthritis, Chronic urinary, retention, Senile dementia, Stroke


Health Package

This is the enrollment of students of post primary and secondary schools on the health package  whereby the subscription fee is charged with the school fees per session and the cover is also for a session.


  • To enhance teaching and learning by assuring and providing qualitative medical service
  • Attend to emergency while at school
  • Create health awareness among students and teachers
  • Reduce absenteeism due to illness.


  • On site clinic (optional)
  • Primary care: Consultation, Drugs, Laboratory investigations, X-ray, Minor surgery, Hospitalization for accidents, illness and surgery, Health counseling/education, Pre-admission medical examination, Emergency services, Referral for secondary care


Health Plans

If the above plans do not satisfy our client, RHL will design a customized plan with the client input. 

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